AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18:

Aquarius is the eleventh sign under the zodiac and is a sign governed by air. Aquarians carry the weight of social concerns heavy on their hearts and as such are natural humanitarians.

These are the leaders of the future who care about public interests, these are our invested members of society striving for change. This is why many Aquarians actually work for non-profit organizations and other vocations that serve the greater good of people. Represented by a water bearer, these Aquarians are bringing change and new ideas to the table in an effort to make the world a better place.

The Water Bearer is essentially a person that is bringing life wherever they go, through the distribution of this necessary element. Aquarians provide the same service, but instead of serving water they produce ideas. Even though this generous sign is watching out for the good of mankind, they will not always give the shirt off their back.

These water bearers give as much as their comfort level allows. That being said, this is a very generous sign and their heart is generally in the right place. An Aquarian is a person that is always the Good Samaritan, helping people in need and providing an example that the rest of us should follow. However, these passionate Aquarians can get a bit temperamental when someone questions their views and beliefs. These Water Bearers can be very stubborn.

In individual relationships Aquarians are logical and very clear on their decisions. In social situations individuals born under this sign can be a bit shy or could be incredibly sociable. In either sense, Aquarians attract people with their magnetic personalities, but don’t always make lifelong friends that easily.

They have a decent taste for the luxuries of life like food, art and love. Once focused in on a potential partner, Aquarians can become a tad obsessed with their relationships. They also have a very hard time forgiving and forgetting. Although, this sign is a giving sign and will sacrifice everything that they have for the ones that they love.

Aquarians are happiest working in groups, but sometimes feel the need to take on leadership roles. They actually really enjoy learning new things, and even enjoy tinkering around with electronics.  Aquarians are generally pretty successful in any vocation that is focused on arts or humanities.

They aren’t driven to be the top of the ladder, and instead are much happier giving back through their work. However, they can be so dedicated in their causes that may lead some to view them as slightly eccentric. Although, tempers, secretiveness, and emotional outbursts are about the worst traits than an Aquarian possesses.

Aquarians are great friends to have in your life because of the attention and support that they provide. This is someone that you want in your corner because they will support you on the path to becoming the best version of you. Once you get an Aquarian to open up and trust you, then that is a person that will stand next to you through anything.