CancerJune 22 – July 22:

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and these people are some of the most complex. Affectionately referred to as the mother of the zodiac, Cancers are focused on home and nurturing others. A sign that is ruled by water, Cancer is full of emotion that swells and flows.

Known for their mood swings this sign is sometimes given a hard rap due to their sensitivity. Even though Cancers are sometimes overly emotional, they use their big hearts to help those around them. For a Cancer nothing is better than being surrounded by their loved ones. Cancers are symbolized by Crabs and this is a totally accurate representation of all of their traits.

Like the Crabs, Cancers have very hard shells that it can take you a lifetime to get through. However, if Cancer lets you into their hearts you won’t find a more loyal lover or friend. Cancers are also called “Crabby” because of their frequent mood swings. This is a needy sign that likes to be reassured of feelings and thoughts.

Cancer is also a cardinal sign, which makes them natural leaders. In any event or situation Cancers are the first ones making plans and directing situations. If Cancers get hurt, they withdraw into their shell just like the crab. Nothing in the world can pull them out again until they are good and ready. Cancers try to protect themselves more than anything else, even though their sensitivity generally makes it impossible.

In their careers, Cancers have a world of opportunity at their feet. They are great organizers and have a knack for running their own businesses, or taking care of others. A Cancer’s love of history makes them ideal for an antique shop where they can surround themselves in nostalgia.

In relationships, Cancers can be very tricky to get along with, and are even more difficult to understand. They are emotional and romantic but are easily hurt and they take everything personally. This is a sign that is fiercely loyal though they may participate in extramarital affairs.

Though Cancer may cheat on their partner, they would never leave the family for another person. Cancers rely on emotions and are easily swayed in directions by those they love and admire. In general Cancers like to be in the home and take care of those they love, but you have to deal with their mood swings and hypersensitivity if a relationship is ever going to work.

One of the best traits of Cancers is their desire to protect those they love. It is in their nature to go out on a limb for friends as well as family. In fact, most of the time Cancer relies on their impeccable instincts in any decision making, and it generally steers them in the right direction.

Although, Cancers can get too comfortable in their home and need someone to get them out of the door occasionally. As long as Cancers are shown attention, respect, and love they will go to the ends of the earth to protect and provide for the ones they love.