GeminiMay 21 – June 21:

Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and is definitely one of the more social. People born under this sign are happy to tell you their life stories, and they really don’t care if you aren’t interested.

Generally they like to talk about issues that are important to them, and the way that they pick their close relationships is through mental stimulation. Geminis are always seeking the answers to questions, and they soak up trivia like a sponge. Then they can take all of the information that they have learned and share it with the ones that mean the most to them. That’s why it’s no wonder that you will see a Gemini as the center of attention in many social events.

Geminis are represented by the symbol of the twins, which represent two personalities that are always in check. You really never know which side of a Gemini you are going to get, and usually they don’t know either.

Since they are not represented the same way every time Geminis can sometimes be seen as indecisive. You can also get some pretty significant mood swings during an evening with a Gemini. This is all a tribute to the air element that governs Gemini, which causes these twins to go with the flow, and change their mind whenever it suits them.

Geminis tend to get bored rather easily, which is why their life is a balance of multitasking. They aren’t satisfied to have just one thing going on at a time, and this flows over into their career.

They can pick up many careers over the course of their lives because they are pretty much successful at anything that hey attempt. Any vocation that requires mental stimulation is a favorite of the Gemini, and they are much happier in analytical careers where emotion is taken out of their daily routine.

When it comes to relationships, Geminis change their mind constantly. This contributes to Geminis leading on unsuspecting partners. The Twin persona really makes an appearance here, since many Geminis run hot and cold in their relationships. They devote attention to someone, and then withdraw just as easily.

So, a person that has such depth to them, the next minute seems aloof and cold. They enjoy the chase and then when they catch their partner, become bored and lose all interest. For a Gemini to stay interested their partners have to have the full package of brains and beauty. However, at the end of the day Geminis can still be drawn toward being argumentative, selfish, liars and even cheaters.

A Geminis path is one of the most interesting in the zodiac, and you can never really tell which way it is going. These signs love to entertain, stimulate and be the center of attention, but leave any situation where they feel tied down. This makes it very difficult for people who are attracted to a Gemini’s magnetic personality.

Geminis play fast and loose in many areas of their lives, and if you can hold onto them for any substantial length of time, you are sure to have some memories you will never forget.